Killerney Farm was most recently voted as #1 Equestrian Facility in the  Edmonton Journal’s Readers Choice Awards.  We like to think it is due to our friendly and relaxing atmosphere, quality care, and acceptance of all levels of riders in all disciplines. We are just 4 km from Edmonton city limits, the closest facility outside of the City of Edmonton.  Centrally located between SW Edmonton,  the Town of Devon, and City of Spruce Grove. Highway access until a km or two away and well-paved road right to our driveway. Killerney Farm is one of the few facilities that DO NOT require that you be in a lesson or training program.  We do offer these services if required. We also schedule all regular horse maintenance for your beloved friend including worming, vaccinations and farrier so you do not have to keep track of it. 

Inside the barn  Killerney Farm


We offer indoor arena (60'x180') with on-demand heaters, 44 individual indoor stalls, a heated tack room, and so much more.  Our barn is heated but at a level comfortable and healthy for horses.  A large temperature change from inside to outside is not healthy and we believe in turning out the horses everyday except in extreme weather conditions. 

We also offer a full feeding program with quality hay and grains that may include beet pulp, complete feed, and oats. Horses receive four feedings per day. Special feeds and supplements are fed to the horses when supplied.  Additional Services may be available for additional fee:  blanketing, extra feed,  farrier and vet handling.


Indoor Ring at Killerney Farm


We offer full facility access to our outside boarders.  Outside horses receive two hay feedings per day and more during extreme cold conditions.  Outdoor horses are close to the facility and not roaming across acres and acres of fields.  They are checked on several times per day.  They also have access to a covered water trough. 

For more information concerning our boarding facilities, or if you would like to inquire about pricing information, please call Killerney Farm at 780-470-0260.