For the Love of Horses

Here at Killerney Farm, we offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can develop your passion for riding and build a real and lasting bond with your equine companion. Our family has been boarding, training, and caring for horses for nearly 50 years, and invites you to experience all that we can do for you. 

Welcome to
Killerney Farm

The Most inviting Atmosphere
Truly Experienced Management

44 stalls, heated tack room, 60’ x 165’indoor arena and more – our facility caters to the needs and comfort of the horse. We have had nervous, high strung horses come from high stress competition barns breathe a sigh of relief and instantly de-stress once coming into our facility. Perfect for layups and those requiring time off. Prior to opening Killerney Farm in 1989, we have operated boarding and sales & training facilities in Ontario and Ireland and have adopted best practices from years of experience.

What We
Have to Offer

  • Horse Boarding
  • Shows & Clinics
  • Basic, Hunter/Jumper & Dressage Lessons
  • Instruction for Junior and Adult Amateur Riders
  • Horse Sales

Our Farm

  1. Laid back atmosphere
  2. Camaraderie among riders
  3. Hands-on learning
  4. Comprehensive care
  5. Expert management


You love horses. We do too. If you own a horse, you always want what is best for them. If you do not, you want to learn all about them, get closer to them, and experience the freedom and partnership that an equine relationship entails.

At Killerney Farm, we understand. We have been working with horses for over half a century! We teach students the proper way to care for and ride horses; forming a bond between them and their animals that comes from love and mutual respect. At Killerney Farm, we focus on the love of the horse and the joy of riding in and out of the show ring.

We offer a 44 stall barn, two outdoor sand rings, indoor arena, and more – horses are happy for as long as you wish to stay.

For more information about out Killerney Farm, or to schedule a visit with us, please call us and speak to one of our staff members at 780-470-0260.